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Top 17 hottest gay pornstars!

gay pornstars

Do you fantasize about gay men? We've put together a list of the best gay porn actors around! We've put all our heart into selecting the sexiest men... If you're interested, you can watch them in X movies or live on webcam sites!

Teddy Torres: our favorite gay porn actor

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Real name Teddy Dupont, this porn actor was born in 1991 and has lived part of his life in France, in the Pays de la Loire region. No need to look for him in France, he now lives in Montreal with his husband. He does, however, make occasional appearances in France.

This handsome brunette, 1.78 m tall and 85 kg of muscle, began his career in the gay porn scene in 2016. If you'd like to get to know this handsome, muscular and tattooed brunette better, we invite you to watch Dressed to fuck by Alpha male, Hairy and raw or Boyfriends fuck Raw.

Rocky Vallarta

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If you like gay porn, the name of this 1.85 m, 88 kg actor is bound to ring a bell. In fact, he's probably the best-known Latin pornstar in the business. Rocky Vallarta has performed with many actors, including Sherman Maus and the handsome Jack Kross.

What really sets Rocky Vallarta apart from the rest is that he likes to share his hectic life on social networks. You can see him sucking or fucking strangers he meets on the street in Montreal.

William Moore

william moore live on jerkmate gay

If you dream of a handsome, sexy man, then William Moore's 1.80 m and blue eyes should please you. Be careful, though, as this Canadian has many, many namesakes. We recommend you add "porn star" or "gay" to your search, otherwise you'll end up with an 18th-century statesman. It's a lot less sexy, unless you like wigs or costume films.

Unlike the previous two gay actors on this list, William has a much more classic physique. He could almost be described as the ideal son-in-law. He has appeared in many gay porn films. So you shouldn't have too much trouble finding him.

Trent King

black gay pornstar

Trent King is sure to please, especially if you like tall, well-built black men. He's 1.83 m tall and weighs 84 kg. As you can see, Trent King is an athletic man who takes care of himself.

In terms of filmography, this gay porn star has worked with many studios, including Next Door Studio and Why Not BJ. He has also worked with Tristan Jaxx, Michael Del Ray and Marlone Starr. In terms of his practices, we'd describe him as a versatile passive. He likes group and interracial sex, as well as BBC and bareback.

Thyle Knoxx

sexy gay porn actor

Not yet 35, Taylor Nason aka Thyle Knoxx (born November 19, 1990) has already made a name for himself in the gay porn world. He made a name for himself with his live shows on Chaturbate. Then, much to your delight, he quickly found his place in the gay porn world.

This handsome 1.80 m guy has the physique of a swimmer or a Greek god. He also has an ass that will make many of you envious. As with the previous men on this list, Thyle Knoxx also lives in Canada, so it's safe to say that the American cold only breeds hot guys.

Benjamin Blue

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Do you like gay movies with twinks? Then Benjamin Blue's physique should appeal to you. Aged 29, this Canadian started his career in 2016 on After that, he quickly made his mark in the professional gay porn scene. His filmography is therefore impressive, and you should have no problem finding Benjamin videos you like.

With his "sexy twig" physique, Benjamin Blue has a delicious, rather passive ass. Rest assured, this porn actor also knows how to use his beardless sex to give his partners pleasure.

Dante Colle

gay porn actor Dante Colle

Dante Colle is a little different from the other actors on this list. This dark-haired, tattooed beauty isn't gay, he's pansexual. So you can see him with girls, or riding a big-breasted tranny. And don't be surprised to see him in videos as Brother Calhoun, Ryder or Sam Jameson. In fact, Dante Colle goes by many aliases.

If you've never had the chance to see Dante Colle, this handsome male is 1.80 m tall and weighs 84 kg. He has a sporty physique and also has tattoos and piercings that make him even more desirable and sexy.

Alex Mecum

Alex Mecum on VRB Gay

Alex Mecum hails from Utah and was raised by Mormons, two things that should have led Alex Mecum to live a strict, well-ordered life. The least we can say is that this handsome brunette, 1.82 m tall and weighing 90 kg, has gone in a completely different direction. Between two sports sessions, Alex Mecum made his debut in classic gay porn films. He soon branched out into VR, turning him into something of a geek. Rest assured, he hasn't abandoned gay porn. You'll simply be able to enjoy Alex Mecum virtually.

Pierce Paris

Pierce Paris on VRB Gay

You may know Pierce Paris as Leo Winston. At 40, he's one of the oldest actors in gay porn. Mind you, Pierce doesn't just shoot BB (gay-only) movies. You can also see him in BBG films with girls. In fact, we could call Pierce Paris a pansexual person, rather than just gay or bi.

His favorite position is Doggy, but even at the age of 40, he's not afraid to take on new adventures. So you can also see him again and again in gay VR movies.

Arad Winwin

Arad Winwin on VRB Gay

Think Pierce Paris is too old? Then Arad Winwin is just what you're looking for. This handsome, dark-haired US native is a delicious blend of Iran and Asia. On top of that, he's a big fan of bodybuilding and combat sports, which makes him even more desirable.

Combined with his young age and enthusiasm, this enables him to act in hardcore sex scenes, as well as barebacking and even threesomes. He has already appeared in a dozen films in just two years. So there's bound to be one to suit your mood.

Michael Boston

Michael Boston on VRB Gay

This handsome 28-year-old English-born male started out as what we might call a classic actor, appearing in a series called The Idol. He then reoriented his career towards gay X-rated films, where we found him far more convincing. Today, he fully embraces his choice, and you only have to look at his Instagram or TikTok accounts to see that. Although he has few porn films to his credit at the moment, we're sure we'll be seeing him in new productions very soon.

Manuel Skye

Manuel Skye on VRB Gay

This handsome man, 1.76 m tall and weighing 76 kg, is a real eye-catcher. This isn't due to his athletic physique and bulging abs, but rather to his salt-and-pepper beard, which has earned him the nickname Silver Fox. Manuel Skye also has another peculiarity: he's the husband of mega-star Mick Stallone.

He began his career in modeling, posing nude most of the time. He then branched out into gay porn, where he's been shooting for just over 10 years now. You can see him in dozens of films, with and without his husband.

Wesley Woods

Wesley Woods on VRB Gay

If you like gay porn videos, chances are you've seen Wesley Woods in one. In fact, he's been nominated for, and won, the very high honor of the Grabbys Awards.

At 1.86 m tall, weighing 80 kg and sporting a small, finely chiselled beard, he has often played the role of kindly son-in-law or company director. Rest assured, he won't be behind his desk for long. He knows perfectly well how to use his sex to the delight of his partners. He now plays in major Californian productions, where his charisma and Greek-god physique have made him a star of gay porn.

Malik Delgaty

gay pornstar Malik Delgaty

Do you like young Canadian males? You'll be delighted with Malik Delgaty, who's embracing a multi-faceted career! And yet, nothing predestined him to become a porn actor, since he originally worked in construction and went by the name of Justin Lesage. This happy coincidence was due to the fact that, at the age of 18, he pushed open the door of a strip club in Montreal. But then, he was not totally unfamiliar with this milieu, since his father was a stripper himself.

In any case, he appears in a multitude of porn videos and has been nominated for numerous awards. More to come. Now 23, he also manages numerous partnerships with clothing brands, accessories, technology products...

Diego Sans

gay porn star Malik Delgaty

Diego Sans is a Brazilian porn actor, for those who like Latino men. When he debuted in 2014, he was a simple model on the social network Instagram. Now 34, he also has a career as a gogo dancer and personal trainer. It has to be said that he has a magnificent build (1.78 m for 85 kg) to make many a man jealous.

With dozens of gay porn movies to choose from, you've got plenty of storylines to choose from, especially with the close-ups of her 21 cm sex! Yes, you read that right.

DeAngelo Jackson

black gay pornstar

DeAngelo Jackson is one of the black gay porn actors. Originally, he wasn't destined for a career in sex at all, as he was studying law in the USA. Unusually, it was during his first porn film that he lost his virginity. So he's not afraid of a bit of sex, even if it hasn't always been easy for him.

But he's not just a 38-year-old X-actor with a muscular physique, as he's also produced his own film "Being Black in Porn", out in 2021. It's a documentary in which he reveals the difficulties for a black man to break into the world of porn, and all the inequalities that come afterwards, but also about the consequences of this career choice on family and friends.

William Seed

gay pornstar with tattoos

William Seed is a Québécois with a bad-boy face who's a huge crowd-pleaser. He has a fine filmography, with 23 roles to his credit. Although he appeared as a shy young man when he made his debut in 1997, he quickly evolved. He quickly forgot about his early career in construction, and fortunately passed his first casting call unexpectedly!

At 1.75 meters tall and 18 cm long, he enjoys the role of straight macho. But in reality, he declares himself to be bisexual. That's why he's on this list. You can find him in gang bang and passive sex scenes.